Article link: Still in a Crib, yet Being Given Antipsychotics.


This is the type of article that brings me to my knees. It breaks my heart to the very core of my being. I dare these so called professionals give these drugs to our babies, using the excuse that they are doing the best they can with what they have to work with. But yet, they close the door in my face and tell me I’m crazy for thinking that nutrition could help these children and others who suffer mental traumas. For God sakes these are our babies, when will this craziness end? It will end when we are brave enough to stand up for our children and be their advocates by telling them NO! Medication will not be our first line of defense; therefore you are not prescribing my child powerful psychotropic drugs. Find another way!

If I sound over passionate that’s because I am very passionate in my desire to help every parent and person that is being convinced that these powerful drugs are the only way. In the article below Dr Drell says he will be unhappy if the # of children taking these powerful and life debilitating drugs are in the hundreds. I say ONE child being given these drugs is ONE too many. The final words of this article are blaming the issues of children of all ages who are being given psychotropics is due to the shortage of child psychiatrist. This reasoning is completely sickening and ridiculous.

There are valid, safe and science backed evidence of alternative ways to balance mental health. This news is NOT new. One way is the science behind epigenetics, which states disease states may be caused by toxic nutrition, lifestyle, and/or environment. The science of epigenetics also supports that disease states can be reversed with nutrition, lifestyle, and/or environmental factors. For more information on products that have been found to be successful for a whopping 90% of its users in the span of 20 years go to:

Article link: Still in a Crib, yet Being Given Antipsychotics.

Still in a Crib, Yet Being Given Antipsychotics –

May 11

Green Box Label Project


This project is to petition the FDA to place a “green box” on every psychiatric drug label. Some of these drugs deplete vital nutrients, while others affect the whole body system. Many people with mental/emotional and addiction struggles experience poor nutrition to begin with – the medication only exasperates the issue and hinders the individual from receiving adequate nutrition.

It is vitally important for the immune system to be supported throughout ones course of treatment. Adequate nutrition is warranted due to the fact that it is nutrients which support and create our biochemistry through metabolic pathways. Without these important nutrients the system is sure to not function optimally; ultimately, causing long-term health related issues.

These effects can be extreme! Zoloft for example; can deplete melatonin. Clozairl (clozapine) causes agranulocytosis (depletion of white blood cells), which seriously damages the immune system. We feel these long-term harmful effects are significant enough to warrant the patients Right to Know! Therefore, providing important nutrient facts and what nutrients are being depleted within a Green Box Label on every pharmaceutical drug is warranted and having this critical piece of information where it is easily accessible for the patient is a must!

To sign our petition GO TO:

May 07

Calling for ALL Caregivers

fyp-logo5I’m looking for Moms, Dads and Caregivers who has had experience with a child and/or loved one who has a mental health/emotional and/or addiction struggle. A friend of mine who is a publisher contacted me today in reference to publishing a book to help raise funds for my non-profit. (She is doing a similar one with cancer survivors and is getting a great response). The book will consist of testimonies, a journal section and a reference section for other caregivers who do not know where to turn. If you are interested please private message me.

1. Parent/caregiver story (minimum 250 words – max no limit).
2. Any reference/resources you may know about that has been helpful to you through this process.
3. Any where in USA or other countries is fine.
4. You must have your information to me no later than May 20, 2015 and respond ASAP so I can give the publisher a head count of those who are interested.

The book will have my personal story
My bio
Our non-profits history
How people can get involved

If I do not respond back through FB you can also email me at


P.S. if you are not sure how to get started I will be happy to help you get started. Our testimonies are powerful and they have the potential to change someone’s life and give them HOPE!

May 04

Website Launch!!!

It is finally complete!!!! Many of you know several years ago I set out on a quest to find natural healing for my youngest son. I gave up my company of nine years and went back to school to obtain a BS in psychology with an emphasis in substance abuse and now obtaining a Masters in clinical nutrition centered in Functional Medicine. I have finally completed my website today and I have never been more ready to launch our non-profit than I am today.

We would like to ask you if you could find it in your heart to help share our site so we can get our message out to others. Mental health and addictions touch many of our lives in one way or another. Astounding Victory Over Intoxicating Drugs (AVOID) offers a long standing viable scientific solution to combating the horrific side effects that come with these diagnoses.

A.V.O.I.D. is a non-profit organization who Advocates, Educates, and works with clients and their families to uncover root causes for those who suffer with mental/emotional and addiction struggles. We offer a Functional Medicine solution by considering nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle factors that often are at the root cause of the individuals symptoms.

We offer biomedical testing for a wide range of symptoms. These types of test uncover root causes in metabolic pathways where there could be a blockage that hinders the pathways too effectively and efficiently function in an optimal manner.

Most all modern day psychotherapy is treated by observation, with the assumption that the patient has a brain chemical imbalance based on a set of symptoms, hence the reasons for some of the psychotropic drugs, such as the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRIs). Nevertheless, a functional medicine practitioner believes the gut holds a very critical piece to the underlying causes of symptoms related to mental health. Additionally, research suggests there is a variety of lifestyle, environmental and nutritional imbalances that may be the driving force behind the individual’s symptoms. We are not so much what we eat, but we are more about what we do or do not absorb. We do not believe nutrition alone is the sole culprit behind mental health or any disease or disorder, but we do believe it is a very essential piece to the puzzle. Yes, we believe HAPPINESS begins in the gut! We also believe there are other possible causes to the development of mental health symptoms. Working with a functional medicine practitioner can help you navigate through the symptoms to find the probable root cause.

There are many ways you can give back:

• T-shirt campaign – click on “STORE”
• Like/share our FB page, twitter, and linkedin on your Social Media
• Sign our “Green Box Label Project” petition beginning May 2015
• Join “Break the Stigma Revolution” beginning May 2016
• Tell a friend/family who is struggling with an addiction and/or mental health
• Stand in the Gap – Donate to the cause
• Purchase from on-line store (to launch mid June 2015)
• Visit and share our website:
• Stay informed – Register at blog:
• Make purchases of everyday products and organic foods through one of our affiliates –
click on “Resources”

Thank you from the center of our hearts for helping us to break the stigma!

To God be the glory,

Debbie & Bill Hutchinson

Karen Hall

Mar 20


dr_hutch_Cartoon_revised_ONE smaller for nutritional wisdom
DRHUTCH APPROVED has discovered an incredible surprise for all of her wonderful and supportive fans. The THRIVE MARKET offers all of the familiar name brands of those companies who offer many of our health food and home care product items in our local stores. But, now with THRIVE you are able to purchase these items at a discounted price from the comfort of your own home, at amazing discounted prices!
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Some of the name brands are; Blue Diamond, Simply Organic, Dr. Bronner, Braggs, Red Mill, Napa Valley Organic oils and much more…..

Your membership through our THRIVE MARKET account is another way to support our causes through our non-profit. The THRIVE MARKET gives back to our non-profit a % of the membership fee, so please make sure you share our link with your family and friends. To learn more about our causes simply go to or check A.V.O.I.D. out here on our blog under the A.V.O.I.D. tab.To get started with our THRIVE MARKET click on picture:

Mar 07

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs -VS- Natures Anti-Inflammatory Solutions in the Support of Mental Health

Someone shared an article titled “Some Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Aid Schizophrenia Treatment,” on a facebook page. I thought it was worthy of sharing my opinion and experience on this very important topic.

The article speaks of the emerging research that suggests the value of taking anti-inflammatory drugs to aid in mental health in combination with psychiatric drugs. Now, I am not negating the value of the research as far as inflammatory issues being a very serious problem with those who suffer mental health symptoms. Because, I believe this topic of inflammation and poor immune system is a huge problem in the area of mental health.

Here is a quote from the article; “Experts have known the immune system is linked to certain psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar. Schizophrenia in particular is linked to the HLA gene system, which is found on chromosome six in humans. The HLA system controls many of the characteristics of the immune system. ‘The picture on anti-inflammatory agents in schizophrenia has been mixed, but this analysis pulls together the data from 26 double blind randomized controlled trails, and provides significant evidence that some (but not all) anti-inflammatory agents can improve symptoms of patients with schizophrenia’[Dr. Iris Sommer].”(i)

After reading the article I have a much different thought process than perhaps many who hold onto a modern psychiatric view. My thoughts are this, it appears to be just another opportunity to add even more drugs to these peoples course of therapy? Is this just adding more side affects for them to have to contend with, both short and long term? Where does this craziness end? These folks are already dealing with enough – why not educate them on the importance of a healthy diet and healthier lifestyle choices?

The article also mentions a multicenter trial being conducted using simvastatine to reduce inflammation in the brain of patients with schizophrenia. The goal of studies like this one is to provide the needed proof-of-concept for targeting the immune system in schizophrenia.(i) Yes, you heard it right – so they can make an attempt of targeting the immune system with yet another medication! So let’s take a closer look at what this may look like in the real world. Per “simvastatine is typically used to reduce levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides while increasing “good” HDLs. No doubt there are precautions in taking this drug. It is not recommended for anyone under the age of ten years old and pregnant women are advised not to take simvastatine. If you should overdose, experience an allergic reaction or have one of the “rare” side affects such as a breakdown of skeletal muscle – leading to kidney failure you should seek immediate medical attention. The more common side affects are headaches, constipation, and colds”(ii). Why not research the alternative? The alternative is good, safe, and clean nutrition that has been shown time and time again the value of their great benefits in the restoration and healing of the human body. Good nutrition has the ability to sooth the soul, kindle the spirit and rejuvenate the body.

If you think about it, research such as this makes perfect sense to the pharmaceutical community. In addition, they are correct in saying that inflammation and oxidative stress is a real issue in the brain. There truly is more inflammation accumulation in the brain than in any other organ in the body. Research to uncover root problems is a good thing, but my issue with this type of research is if they know inflammation is a root cause; then why is it they continuously reach for the drug in the medicine cabinet in their attempt to solve the problem? While everything we need to release inflammation is already provided to us naturally. We know that nutrition provides release of inflammation too, so my thoughts are why wasn’t this solution made a part of the trials? This is what makes me angry with this research; there are naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties in our foods such as fruits and vegetables. But, God forbid if research was actually implemented using a substance that has no side affects and something that actually offers healing to the person. There are also supplements like glutathione [the mother of ALL antioxidants]; the antioxidants our own body makes to fight free radicals in its defense against inflammation and oxidative stress. We can obtain glutathione through nutrients and as well as supplements. The glutathione supplements tend to have issues passing through the digestive system, therefore not effective as the best option. However, there is a glutathione accelerator product that has research support and has been shown to effectively and efficiently pass through the digestive system with optimal results. DRHutch has approved the use of this particular glutathione product as part of our protocol with clients.

Nutrients such as vitamins A, C and E and minerals like zinc and selenium, along with functional foods like grapeseed, blueberries, tomatoes, greens and carrots have the best potential in offering the safest and cleanest antioxidants available to naturally fight off the free radical damage caused by oxidative stress factors. Beta-carotene found in carrots has shown potential to neutralize free radicals. Flavonoids found in berries, and red grapes also strengthen cellular antioxidant defenses and have potential in contributing to maintaining brain function. Flavonones found in citrus fruits and flavonols found in onions, broccoli and tea offer the same results. These are just a few ways to increase antioxidants naturally. There is also the advantage of adopting an anti-inflammatory diet or the Mediterranean Diet. Both, being more of a lifestyle change rather than diet.

The article also spoke of the types of trials that were reviewed in order to determine the effectiveness of these anti-inflammatory drugs, these trials are considered the gold standard in research: Randomized control trials. However, considering a more holistic natural approach the research for the Mediterranean Diet also has significant research backing its validity in reducing inflammation. It’s my opinion that Dr. Roehm provides an excellent job in explaining the Mediterranean diet and its research very well in his video shared on his website. He confirms the research showing the Mediterranean diet to be the healthiest and best studied in the world, also utilizing the gold standard in research; randomized control study. This type of study is different than other types of studies in diet; which are typically observational studies. The observational studies do not prove dietary changes as being the actual cause of the patient’s health status; however this is what sets a randomized control study apart from the typical observational study. The randomized study used in the Mediterranean diet was able to show a significant reduction in death rate and heart attack where as the other types of diets only show differences in the cholesterol, BP, and even imaging studies, therefore the latter does not really prove the actual diet is responsible(iv). I bring these studies up for the information provided in the Mediterranean diet studies to show the overall health benefits of this diets ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body. The Mediterranean diet provides sufficient amounts of antioxidants.

“Antioxidants can prevent, inhibit or repair damage caused by oxidative stress. Vitamins A, C and E – of which fruit and vegetables are rich sources – are potent dietary antioxidants that can prevent cytotoxicity resulting from free radicals, act as direct scavengers of reactive oxygen species(ROS) and up-regulate antioxidant enzyme activity. Vitamin C acts by becoming oxidized itself (providing an electron), thereby stopping the chain reaction, and appears to be particularly important for brain defenses as reflected by its high levels in cerebrospinal fluid and brain relative to plasma.”(v)

med brain

The pathways which regulate function and structure for adequate brain optimization are able to perform optimally through proper nutrition. However, there are times when we may see tough cases, in these cases the client tends to need a little extra boost to get their immune system back on track. This needed extra boost may provide the body and brain what it needs to aide in the support of the immune system at a much greater rate. Many alternative health practitioners offer IV treatment protocols. The Meyers Cocktail which is a blend of B-complex, vitamin C and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This regimen has been used successfully by practitioners who treat mental disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar. One article found on the safe harbor website gives us an example of how the Meyers Cocktail can greatly benefit those who struggle with the symptoms of schizophrenia(vi).

My stance on the nutritional aspect of supporting the immune system in our efforts to heal the brain and release those who struggle with such incredibly debilitating symptoms; is that God has provided us everything we need to restore and heal our bodies. Therefore, the antioxidants provided through adequate nutrition and supplementation, when needed is just as powerful if not more powerful as the chemically based drugs with all of their side effects found in the pharmaceutical medicine cabinet.To conclude; the alternative natural foods are definitely safer.

i. Some Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Aid Schizophrenia Treatment.
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Feb 05

Keep pressing on ~ God is at work!!!

Well, this started out as a simple FB post to share John 5:17, but when God moves you never know what your going to get in the end. My prayer is that this finds the person who needs this encouragement today. I pray that all God has called you to do and be that you realize that it will come to pass in His perfect timing.

For those of you who do not know, our non-profit A.V.O.I.D., was conceived on 10/27/2005 sitting in a hospital room. On 7/24/2006 (9 months later) AVOID was birthed sitting in an emergency room. I was told over 3 years ago from a lady whom I had just met and who knew absolutely nothing about me, say to me out of the blue, “I feel in my heart that God wants me to tell you he is working behind the scene.” She went on to explain, “I see it being like a construction site where he is there laying the foundation aGod is at worknd what your family is going through is preparing you for a ministry that will impact many.” I honestly didn’t know what to say as the tears streamed down my face. I was in shock! Because what she did not know was 5 years before [all the way through today], right in the middle of the collapse of the mortgage industry (& my mtg biz I owned for 7 years at the time) and right in the midst of our youngest son being hospitalized eight times, numerous trips to the ER, doctors office, two suicide attempts and 23 medications. What she didn’t know is all the times I kept saying to my family, Gods got this!!! Everything is going to be okay! I would say, it’s as if God has just taken a jackhammer and is completely ripping up our foundation in every area imaginable. He’s allowing this to take place because a NEW foundation is being poured. I said it’s as if we are on a construction site. Being my dad was a custom home builder, I’ve been on many construction sites and what I’ve always known to be true is that when my daddy’s house was completed it had a strong foundation and it was always very detailed and absolutely gorgeous!!!!

So the reason I post this today is I want to relay the same message to you that this stranger, whom I’ve never seen since said to me that day. When our daddy pours our foundation whether it’s in the beginning of your family’s life or twenty or thirty plus years later, I can assure you your house (both your physical body and your Family structure) will never be the same. It will be more loving, more powerful, and more beautiful than you could ever imagine being possible. God is working behind the scene, he’s pouring new foundations, and he is preparing you for His good work that he has called you too. Regardless of how long it’s been, how hard it’s been, what any of your senses are telling you, regardless of every single one of the nay sayers, the doubters, the ones who rolled their eyes in disbelief that God could or would ever use you, the ones who have not stood beside you through thick or thin, the ones whose comments made you feel that what you have gone through is not worthy to be used by God. Press through all of the no’s and shut doors, because when God is ready for the door to be opened no one will be able to say no and no one will be able to shut the door.  Yes, every single one of those who tried to steal the desire placed in your heart by the man upstairs. Yes, none of them can stop the force in which you were called to duty. Take heart! God is always working behind the scene. He is preparing a way for you, therefore always be ready to go with your head held high and with a smile on your face. He has already placed within you everything you need to accomplish the task. God speed as you press forward to reach the goal that has been set before you….

Feb 02

Part of our program is Lifeskills ~ This guy tells it like it is!

My son just shared this video on my facebook page. So the awesome mom that I am, I always take the opportunity to connect with what interest my kids. Yeah, I know they’re all grown now, but that is just what mommas do:)…However, before you listen to this incredibly awesome video take a few minutes and see what our program is about.

We believe in treating the person as a whole. This means things in his/her life that truly can have an impact on the healing of their spirit, soul, and body. This approach is imperative so they can have a full understanding of how several areas in ones life can significantly impact another. Our curriculum should be finalized within the next 6 weeks, but for now the seven areas of healing are:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Relationships
  3. Career/purpose
  4. Spirituality
  5. Physical activity
  6. Financial wellbeing
  7. Emotional wholeness

Like I said, each one of these areas can affect the others. For example most relationships end due to financial inability of either one partner or both. Part of the issue is many times neither know who to manage even the simplest of things, such as a check book. When I owned my mortgage company I saw a countless number of wonderful and very intelligent people/couples who struggled to save money and to set budgets. Most of them did not have a savings, a retirement account, and very few were prepared to buy a home. Of course another area that comes into play with purchasing a home is the credit report. Helping in these area will give our clients the tools they need in order to regain balance in their life and truly go on to live an abundant filled life.

Enjoy this young mans video. The words he speaks are powerful and sadly very true. But before you hit play, I do not advocate for kids to drop out of school, but this young man is simply telling it like the real world is and it is imperative that we listen!!!!


Jan 31

Healthy Gut Summit – Join Now!!! It’s FREE!


Click picture to register for the FREE Health Gut Summit today!


There are many areas of concern when it comes to our overall physical health and how it impacts our mental health. Whenever I begin to work with a client the very first thing that we do is to evaluate that individual’s gut health. There is a number of underlying causes that can coexist between the gut and the brain, therefore being relative to your mental/emotional health symptoms. There are also a number of ways for us to evaluate the client’s symptoms; one way is to utilize biomedical testing and another is through an elimination diet. There are many studies that show abundance and diversity of resident gut microbiota contribute to digestions, inflammation, gut permeability and behavior.[1]

The Healthy Gut Summit I am sharing with you today is FREE to anyone who desires to participate. I highly encourage you to do so. The 32 speakers lined up to share their expertise in this area are incredible!!! They each bring a ton of knowledge and I know you will greatly benefit. The health of our digestive system has a great impact on our overall health. Inflammation is the root of all diseases so join me in the Healthy Gut Summit, today! So that you too can learn more about how you can release the inflammation that is clogging you up from living the healthier lifestyle you have been desiring. All you need to do is to click on the Healthy Gut Summit picture to register today.

If you are interested in working with me to help you uncover some of the root issues please feel free to contact me anytime. I can work with anyone – anywhere. Email:




[1] Severance EG, Yolken RH, Eaton WW. Autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal disorders and the microbiome in schizophrenia: more than a gut feeling. Schizophrenia Research. 2014; xx: 1-14.


Jan 13

Karen Halls New Book “Fight From Within”

Check out Karen Hall’s new book – just released today!!!


Click on book to order your copy today!

Fight from Within

A Message of Hope, Healing, and Salvation
Authored by Karen B. Hall

Are you struggling with addictions, low self-esteem, or other issues?

This book delivers a message of hope for you. It will help you break free from those bonds.

There are journal pages included so you can record your thoughts and progress.

Publication Date:Jan 13 2015ISBN/EAN13:1507511752 / 9781507511756Page Count:84Binding Type:US Trade PaperTrim Size:6″ x 9″Language:EnglishColor:Black and WhiteRelated Categories:Religion / Christian Life / Inspirational




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