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Article link: Still in a Crib, yet Being Given Antipsychotics.


This is the type of article that brings me to my knees. It breaks my heart to the very core of my being. I dare these so called professionals give these drugs to our babies, using the excuse that they are doing the best they can with what they have to work with. But yet, they close the door in my face and tell me I’m crazy for thinking that nutrition could help these children and others who suffer mental traumas. For God sakes these are our babies, when will this craziness end? It will end when we are brave enough to stand up for our children and be their advocates by telling them NO! Medication will not be our first line of defense; therefore you are not prescribing my child powerful psychotropic drugs. Find another way!

If I sound over passionate that’s because I am very passionate in my desire to help every parent and person that is being convinced that these powerful drugs are the only way. In the article below Dr Drell says he will be unhappy if the # of children taking these powerful and life debilitating drugs are in the hundreds. I say ONE child being given these drugs is ONE too many. The final words of this article are blaming the issues of children of all ages who are being given psychotropics is due to the shortage of child psychiatrist. This reasoning is completely sickening and ridiculous.

There are valid, safe and science backed evidence of alternative ways to balance mental health. This news is NOT new. One way is the science behind epigenetics, which states disease states may be caused by toxic nutrition, lifestyle, and/or environment. The science of epigenetics also supports that disease states can be reversed with nutrition, lifestyle, and/or environmental factors. For more information on products that have been found to be successful for a whopping 90% of its users in the span of 20 years go to:

Article link: Still in a Crib, yet Being Given Antipsychotics.

Still in a Crib, Yet Being Given Antipsychotics –

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