My husband Bill and I are the founders of a non-profit; Astounding Victory Over Intoxicating Drugs (A.V.O.I.D.). It is through our experiences which have led us to reach out to others who are struggling with addictions and mental/emotional health issues. It is our intention to offer HOPE by educating, sharing, providing resources, and help on a one to one basis if necessary, through our knowledge of Integrative/Alternative natural treatments.

Break the Stigma Revolution!

We stand in the gap to BREAK THE STIGMA and to CHANGE the way people with these struggles are treated.

Through our CHANGE campaign we intend to CALL for a change to have every mental health and addiction patient to have the opportunity to chose Integrative natural solutions.

Hope-for-mental-health212015 www.avoid-online.org

  1. Integrative choices to be made available in doctor offices as well as hospitals
  2. Insurance companies to offer coverage for Integrative options
  3. Hospitalized patients to have the opportunity to continue with their current integrative treatment
  4. To have a Functional Medicine Nutritionist/medical professional who understands individual bio-chemical testing to be made available to assist a client in the best integrative treatment options available to them
  5. Biochemical testing options to be made a part of the initial protocol.
  6. Nutrition planned around the individual needs based on findings of integrative testing.

**Biochemical imbalances is not an unfamiliar word to psychiatric practitioners, however their mindset is to treat   a biochemical imbalance with pharmaceutical drugs, while our view is to consider the imbalances at to treat with an integrative approach. An integrative/functional medicine approach is one that considers the person as a whole; spirit, soul, and body. We believe there is an underlying root cause, and we seek to uncover these causes at the individual level. Once the cause is uncovered than we attempt to restore balance through nutrition and lifestyle change. An example of an underlying issues may be; a food sensitivity, a diabolic blood disorder, low cholesterol, hyperglycemia, a digestive issue, and many other possible scenarios. NOTE: there is no testing available to test the chemical imbalance in the brain itself, however the body’s biochemistry can shed light into what may possibly be happening in the body.

Two of my favorite quotes:

“an under-appreciated fact is the primary raw materials for the synthesis of many neurotransmitters are nutrients – these nutrients come in the form of vitamins, amino acids (including the essential aminos we can only get from food) etc…” (Walsh 2012.).

“The father of modern psychiatry French psychiatrist Phillipe Pinel (1745-1828), after working with mental patients for many years, concluded in 1807: “The primary seat of insanity generally is in the region of the stomach and intestines.” And yet, the last thing a modern psychiatrist would pay attention to is the patient’s digestive system!” (Mcbride, 2011). There is a significant amount of evidence that there is a gut-brain connection issue with those who struggle.


A.V.O.I.D. is our answered prayer!!!

To shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace- Luke 1:79


To help lead people in our communities and across our nation out of darkness of addictions and mental/emotional struggles into the light of Christ’s love, as we connect with youth, young adults as well as their families who are in distress – guiding them to freedom, love, peace, and understanding.



Our vision is to create a facility that provides a Christ-centered holistic approach to the healing of the sprit – soul – body of those with addiction and emotional issues, utilizing a program which identifies and addresses the biochemical imbalances that drive the addictive behaviors. To provide aid and resources for individuals and their families to a peaceful solution.


Mc-Bride, N. (2011). Gut and Psychology Syndrome: dyspraxia, autism, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, depression, schizophrenia.( Rev. ed.). Cambridge, CB: Medinform Publishing.(p.7).

Walsh, W. (2010). Nutrient Power: heal your biochemistry and heal your brain.

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