May 07

Calling for ALL Caregivers

fyp-logo5I’m looking for Moms, Dads and Caregivers who has had experience with a child and/or loved one who has a mental health/emotional and/or addiction struggle. A friend of mine who is a publisher contacted me today in reference to publishing a book to help raise funds for my non-profit. (She is doing a similar one with cancer survivors and is getting a great response). The book will consist of testimonies, a journal section and a reference section for other caregivers who do not know where to turn. If you are interested please private message me.

1. Parent/caregiver story (minimum 250 words – max no limit).
2. Any reference/resources you may know about that has been helpful to you through this process.
3. Any where in USA or other countries is fine.
4. You must have your information to me no later than May 20, 2015 and respond ASAP so I can give the publisher a head count of those who are interested.

The book will have my personal story
My bio
Our non-profits history
How people can get involved

If I do not respond back through FB you can also email me at info@avoid-online.org


P.S. if you are not sure how to get started I will be happy to help you get started. Our testimonies are powerful and they have the potential to change someone’s life and give them HOPE!

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