Spring is time of blooming flowers, trees budding, birds chirping building nests, Spring storms rolling in and listening to the thunder roll for the first time in a long time, Lightening flashing in the sky, The smell of spring rain, The beautiful red cardinal perched on the fence reminding me how much Jesus loves us, …

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Beautiful Daughters ~ A Women Beyond Compare….

In those times when you are broken and what feels to be a brokenness beyond repair – just know that God has placed within you, somewhere, deep down inside of you a HOPE that is capable of enduring these lost and broken feelings of insignificance. The beauty found in this lost and debilitating broken world can …

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Just saying…. By Karen Hall

Just saying….. As I was sitting one night in front of the TV a commercial came on about people dealing with depression. The commercial was an advertisement about a medication called Lexapro. They began to rattle off the side effects of the medication which are; coma, confusion, convulsions, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breathe, just …

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