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spring daisy

Spring is time of blooming flowers, trees budding, birds chirping building nests, Spring storms rolling in and listening to the thunder roll for the first time in a long time, Lightening flashing in the sky, The smell of spring rain, The beautiful red cardinal perched on the fence reminding me how much Jesus loves us, The mockingbird fighting off other birds protecting her young reminding me through trials and tribulations Jesus protecting us and carrying and fighting for us, Spring bounces back to life and our lives bouncing back.



Listening to children playing outside, maybe swimming in the pool, or just playing bail, As God’s children we are making joyful noises, dancing and worshipping, The sun shining down and feeling the rays of sunshine, The sun lighting up paths for direction, God lighting up our paths and increase us in our strength, direction and blessings.



The leaves changing colors and falling off the trees and flowers fading, We fall short we can pick ourselves up, dust our shelves off and start again, Whatever trials come our way keep focus on Jesus and keep moving, A change happens for a reason, We know new leaves will be coming and new flowers will be blooming and we too will have change and new increase, strength and blessings.

winter stream

The beautiful white snow falling and reminds me the resurrection of Jesus, How he died for our sins and covered our sins as white as snow. The celebration of Christmas, the gift giving and the birth of Jesus Christ, The most ultimate gift is Jesus dying for our sins, God sent his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.



© Written:Karen Hall


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