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“DRHUTCH APPROVED” Is our spokesperson who will introduce you to products, services, books, recipes, movies, and more. DRHUTCH is basically saying these products and/or services are the ones we feel are safe, beneficial and informative in some way. It is our hope that you will grow to trust our experience and knowledge in approving these products and/or services. Our goal here is to help aid you with making wiser and healthier choices; as we attempt to support and equip you with the tools needed to maintain and/or restore health. The original design of our spirit, soul and body is to work in harmony with each other and “DRHUTCH APPROVED” hopes to help you achieve this in a fun and loving way.

P.S. If you have a product or service you would like for us to consider approving please feel free to contact us at info@drhutchblog.com Or you may submit a comment in the message box below. Please allow 24 hours for our response.

Our Elegant Minds – Funding opportunity

Our very first DRHUTCH APPROVED opportunity comes in honor of supporting a fundraising campaign for our friends over at Our Elegant Minds. Click on their link below and read more about this incredible organization. They have the heart to give back to others who struggle daily with mental illness, and just like anything else it …

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