Our Elegant Minds – Funding opportunity

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Our very first DRHUTCH APPROVED opportunity comes in honor of supporting a fundraising campaign for our friends over at Our Elegant Minds. Click on their link below and read more about this incredible organization. They have the heart to give back to others who struggle daily with mental illness, and just like anything else it takes money. Mental illness is no respecter to no one; regardless of education, economic status, race, religion, or for any other category. Now is a great opportunity to support a wonderful organization that is willing to step up and say we care and we are willing to help those who need help. So this is my request to each of you; give all can to those who are willing to get into the trenches and do the work that many are not willing to take on.

This fundraiser gives everyone the opportunity to make a difference to individual people, their families (support system), communities, and nation as a whole. Thank you for having the heart to care and to give. Please share on all social media – because if not you, I can assure you, there is someone you know who struggles.


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