May 11

Green Box Label Project


This project is to petition the FDA to place a “green box” on every psychiatric drug label. Some of these drugs deplete vital nutrients, while others affect the whole body system. Many people with mental/emotional and addiction struggles experience poor nutrition to begin with – the medication only exasperates the issue and hinders the individual from receiving adequate nutrition.

It is vitally important for the immune system to be supported throughout ones course of treatment. Adequate nutrition is warranted due to the fact that it is nutrients which support and create our biochemistry through metabolic pathways. Without these important nutrients the system is sure to not function optimally; ultimately, causing long-term health related issues.

These effects can be extreme! Zoloft for example; can deplete melatonin. Clozairl (clozapine) causes agranulocytosis (depletion of white blood cells), which seriously damages the immune system. We feel these long-term harmful effects are significant enough to warrant the patients Right to Know! Therefore, providing important nutrient facts and what nutrients are being depleted within a Green Box Label on every pharmaceutical drug is warranted and having this critical piece of information where it is easily accessible for the patient is a must!

To sign our petition GO TO: http://www.avoid-online.org/advocacy-initiatives.html

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