Jan 13

NEWS FLASH! Help me welcome our Co-Founder for A.V.O.I.D.


I am so excited to introduce my friend and new co-founder with A.V.O.I.D. and contributor to drhutchblog, Karen Hall. Karen and I met while living in Virginia Beach through a mutual friend from the church we were all attending. Our first introduction meeting was an arrangement for several of us to get together to see how we could possibly do something in our community to help others. Our friend knew about A.V.O.I.D., however A.V.O.I.D., was not the reason we were meeting, but it was one that was on the table to discuss. Once Karen and her husband Ken began to share their journey through mental health and addiction issues (with family members) it really touched my heart. As I sat there and listened I wondered, God is this a divine appointment? After we all shared at the end of the meeting our friend, along with me, Bill, Karen and Ken all decided that A.V.O.I.D. may very well be what they were all looking for too. We had all experienced a combination of these two issues in some way or another and we all recognized the value each of us could bring. We met at our home several times and began to form the organization. However, we realized due to circumstances out of our control and the possibility that God was just not ready for us to move forward at that time we decided to put everything on hold.

Karen and I kept in touch over the past few years and just over the last few months reconnected on facebook. I noticed Karen talking about having her manuscript published and I shared with her a local friend, Shay Rockhold, who I knew could help her. This began our conversation about A.V.O.I.D. again, and she shared with me that it never left her heart and she was still very interested in becoming a part of our mission. She was ecstatic that I never gave up on A.V.O.I.D.; even though there were many times I questioned the calling to offer such a program. However looking back now, I knew back then God was equipping us; it all makes perfect sense at this time why the timing is right now and not then, everything has fallen right into place.

Karen has decided to become a part of A.V.O.I.D. and Bill and I welcome her with open arms. We know Karen is going to bring so much insight and there is no doubt that she is going to be a huge part of what we are doing. So please join me in welcoming our new co-founder, Karen Hall.



P.S. Karen’s first book will be coming out in a few days so keep your eyes open, you’re not going to want to miss it.



My name is Karen Hall. I am the author of the book “Fight From Within”, you will be able to order this book from Amazon.com or drhutchblog.com. The book is dedicated in the memory of my Mother, who passed away January 4, 2008. This is the year I started writing.

In my childhood I had two parents with schizophrenia. Depression and addiction were major issues in our household. I encourage you to order my book today. Everyone knows someone who has struggled in these areas or maybe that person.

My story reveals hope, healing, and salvation. The book outlines how to live a peaceful and happy life. The book instructs you how to grow a relationship with Jesus Christ. It reveals that there is a God that loves us.

I have been on both sides of the track. My book tells how God helped me through my struggles and how it can help you through your struggles.

We are all in this together. We can help each other.

Debbie and I have known each other several years and come from common background. We have a goal to serve and connect with you.

God Loves You and We Love You Too!

Karen B. Hall

Author of “Fight From Within”



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