Feb 05

Keep pressing on ~ God is at work!!!

Well, this started out as a simple FB post to share John 5:17, but when God moves you never know what your going to get in the end. My prayer is that this finds the person who needs this encouragement today. I pray that all God has called you to do and be that you realize that it will come to pass in His perfect timing.

For those of you who do not know, our non-profit A.V.O.I.D., was conceived on 10/27/2005 sitting in a hospital room. On 7/24/2006 (9 months later) AVOID was birthed sitting in an emergency room. I was told over 3 years ago from a lady whom I had just met and who knew absolutely nothing about me, say to me out of the blue, “I feel in my heart that God wants me to tell you he is working behind the scene.” She went on to explain, “I see it being like a construction site where he is there laying the foundation aGod is at worknd what your family is going through is preparing you for a ministry that will impact many.” I honestly didn’t know what to say as the tears streamed down my face. I was in shock! Because what she did not know was 5 years before [all the way through today], right in the middle of the collapse of the mortgage industry (& my mtg biz I owned for 7 years at the time) and right in the midst of our youngest son being hospitalized eight times, numerous trips to the ER, doctors office, two suicide attempts and 23 medications. What she didn’t know is all the times I kept saying to my family, Gods got this!!! Everything is going to be okay! I would say, it’s as if God has just taken a jackhammer and is completely ripping up our foundation in every area imaginable. He’s allowing this to take place because a NEW foundation is being poured. I said it’s as if we are on a construction site. Being my dad was a custom home builder, I’ve been on many construction sites and what I’ve always known to be true is that when my daddy’s house was completed it had a strong foundation and it was always very detailed and absolutely gorgeous!!!!

So the reason I post this today is I want to relay the same message to you that this stranger, whom I’ve never seen since said to me that day. When our daddy pours our foundation whether it’s in the beginning of your family’s life or twenty or thirty plus years later, I can assure you your house (both your physical body and your Family structure) will never be the same. It will be more loving, more powerful, and more beautiful than you could ever imagine being possible. God is working behind the scene, he’s pouring new foundations, and he is preparing you for His good work that he has called you too. Regardless of how long it’s been, how hard it’s been, what any of your senses are telling you, regardless of every single one of the nay sayers, the doubters, the ones who rolled their eyes in disbelief that God could or would ever use you, the ones who have not stood beside you through thick or thin, the ones whose comments made you feel that what you have gone through is not worthy to be used by God. Press through all of the no’s and shut doors, because when God is ready for the door to be opened no one will be able to say no and no one will be able to shut the door.  Yes, every single one of those who tried to steal the desire placed in your heart by the man upstairs. Yes, none of them can stop the force in which you were called to duty. Take heart! God is always working behind the scene. He is preparing a way for you, therefore always be ready to go with your head held high and with a smile on your face. He has already placed within you everything you need to accomplish the task. God speed as you press forward to reach the goal that has been set before you….

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