Nov 07

The Medicine of the Future – is Here Now!

the doc of the futureThe amount of people who are attempting and/or completing suicide and homicide are growing by leaps and bounds. This is not only occurring in adulthood, but with our children and adolescents as well. I do not want to minimize the importance of anyone being able to talk to someone about their struggles. I do not want to discredit anything that anyone is attempting to do to help themselves, but if you’ve been in that system for even a day you already know how dreadfully broken the mental health system is. I don’t think I have to tell you that. I speak from experience because over eight years ago we too for the first time were very abruptly introduced to the mental health system. Granted I’m not beating up those who work that system, because I do acknowledge there are many who are in that system who have a heart to help others through their struggles. A short while into the traditional system I knew there had to be another answer. So I began a journey and googled myself to death, because I didn’t know any other way to find out what that “something” was I needed to know. But once I found alternative treatment methods I knew that, that was what I had been so desperately looking for. I felt it is important to share this video of Dr. Mark Hyman; he is the Board Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine. The school I attend for my Masters degree in human nutrition is the University of Bridgeport, where its focus is on Functional Medicine. So it is my hope that the video will give you some insight on exactly what functional medicine is and its growing value in the prevention and management of health challenges. The mission of A.V.O.I.D. is to take Functional Medicine and utilize the biomedical approach to the mental health field. Biomedical testing that Dr. Hyman speaks of is available through our now profit. www.facebook.com/astoundingvictoryoverintoxicatingdrugs



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